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So I put my Over the Rainbow through a sequencer and it sounds a lot better. I transposed it down a couple of keys and put in some reverb and stuff. Then did some more editing in Sibelius, lkike articulations and stuff cause it sounded all mushy. But the end product is a LOT better than the last submission I made.
For comparison purposes:
The new one
The old one

Check them both out, and please rate and comment :D

Thanks! Al

I'm not entirely sure which. I do know that the only review I got was a one, with no constructive criticism whatsoever. But I resubmitted it, so please review :D. Keep in mind that this is not a final work, and it is played in general MIDI (I work with what I've got).




2010-09-27 17:59:07 by pianomaster42

Hey all, got a little something for you today! I just submitted a sort of preliminary version of Over the Rainbow ~Wild World Style~ and it came out exactly the way I wanted it to. You can listen to it here.

A change in what I originally had planned for it: I changed it to a sextet, as I just couldn't get the sound I wanted from just 5 voices. So it's got trumpet, flugelhorn, horn, trombone, euphonium and tuba now ^^

Please listen to the piece, and also listen to my other pieces if you have time. Thanks! :D

Hey all, now that I've got a couple submissions under my belt, I figured that I would start with a little progress blog on what I'm working on at the moment.
I'm not currently composing any original work, but I am working on a few arrangements. What I am working on is:
-Arrangement of Over the Rainbow--Basically your standard contemporary version of the piece, arranged for brass quintet (well, as of now. That might change if I decide on a better instrumentation). The backgrounds/chords here are pretty reminiscent of the Animal Crossing: Wild World main theme (it's always fun for me to take a song and throw in a little something from another piece).
-Piano arrangement of Green Star from Super Mario Galaxy 2--Exactly what it sounds like. I'm doing my best to stay pretty close to the original material here, but we'll see where it goes; I might end up taking a few artistic liberties with it...
-Arrangement of Harlequin (from Homestuck)--Okay, this is a song from like, the BEST webcomic of all time, Homestuck. You can find it (if you're curious) at MS Paint Adventures. Anyway, I'm gonna take the thing and mess with it a bit. Make it a little more jester-esque. Maybe put it in 5/4, maybe switch between 6/4 and 5/4, not quite sure yet. I do know I'm gonna draw some influence from Tenpei Sato (specifically Hell's Whisper from Disgaea). This one I'm really excited about, I think I could really make something awesome come of it (if I can actually get what I'm hearing in my head to come out right).

Anyway, that's pretty much it. Oh, also, if anyone has any requests, I'm always looking for more inspiration.


--Al (pianomaster24)

Hey guys, my submissions went through. Give them a listen! Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Submitted another one...

2010-08-08 13:15:56 by pianomaster42

Newgrounds, please approve my Sonata so I can submit things. Or approve the other song I just submitted. Either or; I just would like it done as soon as possible. Thanking you profusely already :)
Al (pianomaster42)

In other news:
Yes, you heard right, second piece. It's a start. i am quite happy with how it turned out, and as soon as it's approved, I'll post again with a link. And a link to the sonata as well.
Also, it's the middle of August so the school year will be starting up. Down here in Bloomington-Normal is gonna get busy again :)
Until next time...

Hey guys (guys here meaning anyone who cares enough to read this :P)...

Just submitted my first piece to the audio portal yesterday. But...since I'm a new contributor, it's gotta get approved by NG staff personally or something like that. I'm sure a lot of you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I'll keep any interested parties posted on when it's officially up.


2009-06-04 16:24:17 by pianomaster42

Okay, for anyone that cares, my computer decided to commit suicide a couple days ago. So I won't be submitting ANYthing for a while. Which sucks cause I've got a lot of inspiration. I have a couple of ideas for arrangements of some really cool songs, which I need access to something like Sibelius to get. Sigh...oh well. I'll get something up here eventually.

okay, soooo.....

2009-02-06 11:44:40 by pianomaster42

Looking at this empty submissions file, I feel slightly unfulfilled. Unfortunately for me, I'm s-o-l in that I have no music writing software. Hmm. Well, I'm gonna be doing my best to get hooked up with some in the next short while. In the meantime, maybe I can get my lazy butt over to the music lab on campus and write or arrange something. I have tons and tons of ideas, but yeah.

So (I'm mainly saying this for my benefit lol) I will finally be getting some submissions in soon. Like by-the-end-of-the-month soon. i think.

Oh yeah, and I'm still open to review any of your submissions if you guys want, I'll give it the best I can do.

Thanks all!

So now I'm settled in...

2008-10-12 22:53:07 by pianomaster42

There've already been people coming to me asking for reviews!!
Well, I suppose I'd better do requests then.

So here goes:
I am officially open to any sort of review request. I will make sure, when you make the request (either via message or post or whatever), to get your submission reviewed asap.

Now as to what I review best...definitely audio. I'm decent at flash review, I can help point out bugs, but I can't help you fix them. With audio, though, I will do my best to listen and review, and offer suggestions as to how to make the music better.

Also, I am thinking about actually doing a couple submissions of my own soon. I am much better at arranging than composing my own stuff, and I LOVE video game soundtracks. So I'll probably be going the route of remixing video game stuff, or other material...or whatever I feel like doing. So I'm open to suggestions? Anything anyone wants to hear?